For individuals:


Do you want personalised and individualised advice to reach your health goals? Gain the nutritional advice you need alongside meal plans and recipes written just for you.


To begin your journey with me, I will email you a very simple questionnaire as well as a food diary if necessary, this will then give me a peek into your current diet, dietary habits and general health. All you need to do is complete both. 


We will discuss your completed questionnaire, food diary (if required) and explore how your health and well-being could be improved through better nutrition. This will provide a good foundation for our first consultation session. We will discuss the goals that you would like to achieve throughout our sessions. 


Whether you're looking to boost energy, improve your immune system, boost fitness levels or on a journey to get the most out of your diet, you will benefit from sessions with me.


All meal plans are personalised to your nutritional requirements and recipes can also have multiple portions for meal prep or to cater for the whole family, whatever your goals we will work together to achieve them as soon as we can!

 I can create a wide variety of meal plans that can cater for all ages and stages of transitions including: 

  • Plant-Based

  • Vegetarian

  • Wholefoods Vegan

  • Raw Vegan

I also create meal plans for: 

  • Cleansing and fasting

  • Specialized healing

  • Post-op recovery

  • Chronic conditions

  • Low-FODMAP

  • Child and infant 

  • Intolerance, allergies  

  • Various other health conditions.


Tailored to your Vegan Restaurant or Plant-based business..

I have created and provided delicious menus with recipes detailing nutritional, macro and micro nutrient values for restaurants, cafe, food stalls, hospitals, clinics, workplaces and schools here and abroad. All cuisines can be catered for. Contact me for an individual package to suit your requirements.

Video Consulting Sessions

Work with me for one or more video consulting sessions. With healthful tips and advice to cover all of your nutritional requirements or fitness goals.

Per Session


Monthly Meal Plans

Includes 4-weekly meal plans with tailored tasty recipes. Plus four video consulting sessions where we will discuss your progress and set new nutritional goals.

Per 4-weeks


Meal Plans For Babies & Toddlers

Includes 4-weekly meal plans with tailored recipes supporting your child's nutritional requirements. Includes an initial consultation and follow-up session.

Per 4-weeks


included in your meal plans

The meal plans I create are part of my 4-week programme.  Every week you will receive a different meal plan with new recipes. Plus, each week will include our 1-1 sessions. This is where we will discuss your progress, such as setting new goals and discuss what foods you would like featured in your next week's meal plan.

Meal Plan Summary

Firstly, you will find the meal plan summary containing what I have chosen for you based on your nutritional requirements and favourite foods, with allergies or intolerances in mind.


Next, you will find your macronutrient analysis. Detailing what calories, protein, fat, carbs and fibre intake will be for that days meals. 


I will add recipes and tailor portion sizes to give you the number of calories needed for weight maintenance (loss/gain/maintain), whilst ensuring there is plenty of protein, etc.


The micronutrient analysis will show you what vitamins and minerals you will be getting by following each week's plan. The percentages shown are your daily recommended intake or DRI, that is calculated according to your gender and age. Always I aim to include meals in each week plan that equate as near to and quite often over 100% DRI on all micronutrients to ensure your meal plan is meeting your nutritional requirements.


Each meal plan will include your recipes, they are easy to follow with step-by-step instructions, plus these are yours to keep. Your meal plan can include recipes from all over the world, as every cuisine has plant-based dishes. Thus the recipe choices provided are endless from curries to pizza, GF cookies to smoothies, and even homemade gourmet burger patties for a BBQ you may be hosting at the weekend as celebrations or events that occur can all be included in your meal plan to correspond with your lifestyle.

Shopping List

Finally, comes your shopping list which ties your meal plan together. This can be printed or re-written removing items that you already have in stock. Your shopping list will include all the ingredients and quantities needed to follow each recipe in the meal plan. Upon request and within reason I can make your shopping list as minimal as possible if you're on a budget or added extras to fully extend the colourful variety in your diet.

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