My Vegan Journey

Hi there again, how did I decide to become a Vegan Nutritionist, in fact to eat a plant based diet at all, you may ask? Well perhaps I should start from the beginning ...


I was fortunate to grow up in a seaside town, surrounded by beautiful countryside and woodlands in the county of Kent in the UK. The Garden of England as it is known. I remember having a happy childhood that included lots of camping, climbing trees and foraging in the surrounding woodlands and swimming in the sea. Life was fun, easy and relaxed. I was a super fit child that loved sports and riding around on my bike. A relatively normal childhood for the times.


My mum was and is a great influence into healthy eating, keeping fit and has had an allotment (for over 25yrs) growing vegetables with some whole foods too.


A lovely healthy lifestyle you might say, and it was until I decided to leave home to look after myself, and work. As most people know through experience, our intentions of keeping fit and eating well can go out of the window, when having do it for ourselves and long hours working. They don't always go well together!


So the inevitable happened. My positive healthy eating and fitness level rapidly diminished.  I noticed I was choosing to wear baggier clothes and eating convenience foods, cooking less, and enjoying my food even less. My health deteriorated, I developed kidney stones, weight increase(BMI 30.4 at one time)suffered many episodes of UTIs, various other symptoms such as mucus, spots, tiredness and lathegy. I wasn't really ill, but I wasn't really well either. I wasn't happy with feeling like this and knew something had to change. I wanted to be healthy as I remember, when I was younger.


So an overhaul was needed! going back to what I already knew, eating a more healthy diet, which in turn gave me more energy to be fitter!

Sounds easy you say! and yes the idea is, but putting it into practice with every day life is where it gets trickier. 


My mum was a great support at this time, suggesting making menus, shopping and goal lists. She also suggested that foods I was eating might be causing some of my health issues. This spurred me on into research, then courses into Vegan Nutrition. I quickly identified from this that dairy, meat (animal saturated fats), and not eating enough plant based foods were the main culprits and by elimination (dairy and animal saturated fats) and addition of plant based/whole foods to my diet, my health started to improve quickly.


A few years further on I am now a fully qualified Vegan Nutritionist with further specialist qualifications in child nutrition and in raw food nutrition.


The science behind Nutrition now is making headlines. Showing over and again, a plant based diet is benefiting many people in all aspects of health. I was fortunate to have an upbringing which included eating plenty of whole foods including fruit and vegetables.  I am passionate to bring this information to as many people as possible, to experience the life changing benefits I and many people now enjoy. To empower and support these choices and changes on an individual basis. 


My hope is, by changing ourselves we can reshape our world around us.


Contact me to begin implementing steps to a new healthier you.



-Rose Wyles

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